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Bruno Bartolotta 

Have you ever noticed that a nice image has the power to make you smile ? Images are never neutral they communicate emotions.

They are much more important than we usually realize. They shape our perception of reality, they infuse emotions into us and I believe that they also control what we become as individuals and as a society. 

Martin Luther King had a dream, an image of what society could be and all it really took was to share that image with the world to make it a reality.

Successful entrepreneurs will all tell you that they could hold strong in the face of adversity because they had a clear picture of where they were heading for.

That is why as a photographer, I believe I have a responsibility. Because my image will end up on your wall I want it to be as inspiring as it can be.

I think the world is a beautiful place and I think humans are just incredible creatures and I am going to work and work and work to show it to you the best I can so it makes you happy or inspires you to act accordingly

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