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Bruno Bartolotta 

At the core of my work lies a profound admiration for talent, initiative and what mankind is able to achieve with just a little bit of trust and passion.

About me and photography

I came to photography later in life after spending many years in the real estate industry. I have seen some great pieces of property and I’ve always been amazed by what a talented architect can create !

I first picked up a camera to communicate on properties and the city to potential investors.

As regards to properties, I realized pretty quickly that more than the design in itself, I’ve always been more interested in the experience.

In other words, I was not trying to show you the living room, but I was trying to make you experience what sitting in the living room feels like.

But what really got to me were cityscapes.

I took my first cityscape to document the old town of Panama. I was living there and a friend of mine, who was looking for international investments, wanted to know what it looked like.

My friend never invested, but I took this picture :



Obviously it did not come out like this the first day as my post production skills were inexistant by then !

But it still came out good enough for me ! When i saw this image on the computer, a passion was instantly born.

Little did i know that image after image, this passion would take over my life. 


About my work

My father had that painting of a family of four sitting around a table in the evening.

The scene was lit by a ceiling light in the style of a "Chiaroscuro" revealing faces and silhouettes and leaving big parts of the scene into obscurity.

I could have spent hours looking at it. I loved the way the scene was lit from inside the painting, it created a feeling and a warmth that i felt was unique.

With few exceptions so far i could describe my work as an attempt to reproduce that impression that my scenes are lit from within.

Landscapes and cityscapes are what came as more natural to me but like that little kid in front of that painting i am still drawn to high contrast.

I try to capture my scenes in the best natural light but i do use artificial light to enhance the architecture and the mood.


I think the world is a beautiful place and I think humans are just incredible creatures and I am going to work and work and work to show it to you the best I can so it makes you happy or inspires you to act accordingly

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